Showing news for January 2016

2016 RESOLUTIONS .....

How are you getting on? Another year has started and probably as every year our list of New Year’s resolutions is formed.
                                          Lose Weight = Join the gym                          
                                          More Healthy Eating = Increase Fruits & Veg
                                          Blah, Blah, Blah ...

How about Detoxing/Pampering & Caring for your skin & soul especially since the cold weather is now upon us?
Visit us as we can definitely help you … to name a few:

                                        *Relaxing SPA Bath Salts (From our RED label range) 
                                        *Re-mineralizing Masque
(From our RED label range)
Powder Masque (From our BLUE label range)

And in case you HAVE just joined the gym our Natural Deo Spray (no gas) FREE from nasties is definitely for you.  

                                          Pop in, we’ll be glad to see you and help!