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DELIVERIES take 2 working days. PICK-UPS will receive an SMS

Don’t Bug Me KIT

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Don’t Bug Me KIT


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Stop being bugged!  This Soap Café Kit contains the following products:
Bug Off Lotion: An organic lotion for face & body. Keep it handy and use it prior to venturing the outdoors. Take it with you to a BBQ or any event to prevent mosquito bites. Our bug off lotion can also be used on existing bites to help soothe itchiness and reduce inflammation.
Bug off Essential Oil Blend: Enjoy the relaxing yet repellent effects of our pure essential oil blend in your home. Add to any ceramic or electric diffuser to repel insects naturally. Typically, we recommend adding water to your diffuser and 10 drops of the oil blend. However, always follow the diffuser’s manufacturer instructions.
Natural Incense Sticks: To be used outdoors or an aerated space to keep mozzies away. Place it in an incense holder or lightly insert it in the soil of a flower pot. Light it up. Make sure that the ember doesn’t touch or drop onto flammable materials.
Borax Powder: A natural ingredient, yet effective ant killer. Mix with sugar or honey and dilute in water. Place the solution in little containers such as bottle caps. Distribute where needed. Can be used indoor & outdoor. WARNING: Keep away from children & pets.

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