Scarlet Lip Tint

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Scarlet Lip Tint


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Scarlet Lip Tint

A sensual yet elegant deep red which beautifully suits even the fairest complexions. Combined with the right over all make up look, this colour is suitable for both day and night.

Soap Cafe’s natural and organic lip tints are rich with fine natural organic oils and waxes. Softly textured which provides a nourishing gloss,  whilst helping to protect lips, preventing cracking.

Bonus Tip: Mix our lip colours together with Soap Cafe’s natural blushers or eye shadow pigments to create a variety of lip colours and longer lasting finish! 

Soap Café lip colours contain lovely natural essential oils! An allergic reaction to natural essential oils is rare, however, sensitivity to a particular constituent of an essential oil may happen. If concerned, please perform a “skin patch test” before using the product.

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