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Welcome to SoapCafe

SoapCafe` is a relatively new concept in Malta, mainly due to the fact that we produce virtually edible beauty products, for all types of skins and age, while also catering for the vegetarian and vegan market. We are also Pioneers in researching and using some of the best local produce in our soaps, lotions and balms.

At SoapCafe` one can also find various gift ideas for all budgets, herbal and loose leaf teas, essential oils and herbal remedies. Our products are free from Mineral oils or other BI products,Parabens, SLS and Animal fat.
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Latest News

******************************************* Mamma is the word..*********************************************** - 05 May 2016

If you want to show your mum you love her, give her a warm, heatfelt embrace with a peck on her cheek.

If you want your mum to be proud of you.. Simply try your best at school or at anything you attempt to do.

If you wanted to go the extra mile...

pop in our shop or order online for a custom-made special gift, however big or small you like ;-)