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Over 95% of our products are Vegan whilst the rest are Vegetarian. They are also suitable for Halal and Kosher Lifestyles.
Most products such as soap bars, will NOT melt, however some body butters and scrubs made with ingredients that allow the product to melt around body temperature. During the summer months, these products can get very warm in transit and may melt into liquid. Soap Café is not responsible if the warned items arrive melted, and in most cases you should be able to pop the products into the fridge and still be able to use them. Please note, we are not able to replace or refund these items if they melt in transit. Keep in mind that if you put them on the radiator or in direct sunlight they’re going to turn into liquid too, so please keep them someplace cool.
Usually some people may advise you to stay away from certain herbs and essential oils. When it comes to body washes and soaps, very little amount of essential oils actually stay onto the skin. However, if you are concerned about this, you can opt for Soap Cafe's Baby Range which is designed especially for pregnancy, after care and babies.
Due to their natural and handmade nature, even the slightest weather change can effect the appearance and the scent of our products. This is why each bar is so unique.
Depending on the ingredients, our soap can last from 6 months to even a couple of years. However, it is advised to use these products as soon as you purchase them to get all the benefits of their ingredients
Since this is a cosmetic product, we CANNOT CHANGE any goods due to hygienic purposes. Whether you received it as a gift or changed your mind and want something else instead, we regrettably cannot exchange goods even if the product is still sealed.
Our soaps are made mostly of therapeutic grade oils . These oils are 'volatile' , which means they can easily evaporate even at normal temperatures. Hence why at Soap Cafe, we freshly cut soap every day to make sure that your bar has the most oils and aroma possible.
Just like there is a big different between commercial fruit juice and an actual juice made with freshly pressed fruit and vegetables, our soap are made with the finest ingredients and with least amount of processing to retain all its natural goodness. Even if you had to compare ingredients with other 'natural bars' , even if labelled 'natural' and/or 'organic' , they would still be highly processed making a hard waxy bar. The REAL artisan way is a long and slow process , creating a buttery, creamy soap, soft to the touch which can be used for even the most sensitive skin types and also on the face. Natural artisan soap need to 'cure'. Curing is a natural process where the soap needs to be left 'sitting' to dry for a minimum of 6 weeks, hence why such soaps cannot be mass produced. During this waiting time, the PH of the soap naturally shifts towards a more neutral state whilst excess moisture evaporates leaving a solid bar. This process naturally preserves its goodness derived from vegetable butters, aromatic oils and natural herbs, retaining all their therapeutic benefits and creating the ultimate skin loving product you'll ever use. We promise you , you wouldn't go back to any other soap!
This is a very complex question since most people do not realise the importance of creating a product which is free from bacteria and mould contamination. Most liquid products have a certain amount of water content to make them into a liquid. This means that it is a breathing ground for bacteria and mould. At Soap Cafe we strive to use the most natural and safest preservative possible such as Vitamin E , Vitamin C and certain antioxidants which apart from preserving the product , they are also beneficial for the skin. However , there are will be very small traces of other preservatives which are approved by cosmetic legislation which are imperative for stabilising the product and keep it safe to use for all the family. Products labelled as organic or 100% natural , do not mean that such products are preservative free. It is actually irresponsible to release liquid products on the market without some form of stabilising ingredients. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you source products from reputable companies.
This doesn't usually happen on our cold process soap but may happen with our glycerine soaps. Glycerine is a natural humactant which means it attract moisture to it (hence why it is so great for the skin!). Since air has moisture, these soap naturally draw in this moisture creating tiny bubbles of water on top of it.
Our retail shop is situated on 65, St Domnic Street Sliema. Vat number is 19061423MT. Trade license is 59/1579.
Yes, all products and prices include VAT.
Yes, we deliver. Orders with a delivery address to Malta and Gozo that are less the 50euro carry a 5 euro charge. Orders over 50euro are delivered or posted for free. Please check our delivery page for orders outside Malta and Gozo.
Orders can be cancelled. However if the order has already gone through and paid for, a processing fee will be applied. If orders have been processed as 'cash on delivery' and we have been notified 24 hours before, no charges will be applied.


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