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Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils: What’s the Difference?

essential oils vs fragrance oils

The differences between fragrance oils and essential oils mostly comes down to what is natural or synthetic. Although the latter can sometimes be cheaper to produce and more convenient to come by, the added chemicals used in the manufacturing process pose significant drawbacks, such as environmental hazards and potentially irritating effects on the skin. We’re well aware that the two oils are often easily confused, which is why we at the Soap Cafe have compiled a few tips below to help tell them apart.

How are they both made?

Essential oils are made up of substances which naturally occur in different parts of a plant, such as the bark, blossom, leaf or fruit. Both essential and hyrodosol oils are produced through complex processes which involve solve extractions or steam distillation, depending on the type of plant used. These oils would not be diluted or manipulated by additives or solvents in any way, meaning that the result is 100% pure and “neat”. Furthermore, because they are made up overall of roughly 50-500 chemicals found naturally occurring in plants, it would be very difficult to reproduce them synthetically.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, contain artificial substances; they’re sometimes also called perfume oils or aromatic oils. Since they are overall synthetic products, they allow for more flavours, as they are made with the intent of mimicking other scents.

Health Benefits

Widely used for skin conditions such as rashes and eczema relief, essential oils are renowned for their vast healing properties. They’re also popular salves for migraines, muscle pain and other bodily afflictions, as well as softening the hair and skin. Ways of applying these oils vary from direct application on the skin to being used in baths; they can also be found in soaps, body products, perfumes, detergents and even flavourings in food and alcohol.

Although fragrance oils can create a peaceful ambiance and give off soothing, pleasant scents, they do not contain the same potent healing qualities that essential oils do. However, they are able to enhance the aroma of candles, various perfumes and cosmetics, and tend to last longer in this respect.

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