Energy infusing Gem Crystal Stones

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Energy infusing Gem Crystal Stones



Utilize the benefits of gemstones for your well-being


It is known that gem crystal stones are charged with energy and it is believed  that such energy can be absorbed and transmitted.
Gem infused water has been drank for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical health. Create your crystal infused water by adding stones in order to infuse it with the well-being and properties they are said to bring. You can also add the infused water to your bath!

You will receive 3 Stones from each the following selections:
Rose quartz – to increase self love, aids forgiveness and help with anything related to the heart chakra.
Citrine – to increase abundance in your life, and drives out negativity and darkness.
White Quartz- to balance the body and help immunity.
Amethyst – to increase clarity, balance & anything related to the third eye chakra.

As with any crystal practice , the intention you set when adding the stones to the water it is an important passage for this ritual. Be mindful of your  intention, starting with positive and clear energy can only create a better experience.

Please Note that not all gems can be used in such way as some are not considered safe to place in the water as can be toxic when used in this manner as they contain components such as: aluminium, copper, iron, sulphur, etc to name a few.

Additional information

Gem Stones

Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow), Gem Stones Mix, Rose Quartz (pink), White Quartz


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