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Pre-waxed wicks (pack of 5)



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Pre-waxed wicks with safety tab for use with a container, votives or pillar candles, for any type of wax.
High-quality product made in Europe wicks is pre-coated in paraffin wax.
Designed to improve the burn characteristics at your candle. Wicks burn out to the end and not the mound.
Two sizes available:
SMALL Size: perfect for teacup candles and small container candles. 60 mm height (6 cm)
MEDIUM Size: perfect for medium container candles. 110 mm height (11 cm)
Simply stick the wick to the bottom of your container, then hold the top in the center as you pour your wax.
Each pack contains 5 Pre-waxed wicks.
Don’t forget the Beeswax PelletsSoy Wax or Rapeseed Wax to make candles and Essential Oils or Fragrant Oils to add the scent to your candles

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