Quartz Face Massager

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Quartz Face Massager


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The perfect companion for our Serum & Moisturizer


There are many benefits attributed to using precious stone face roller on a regular basis. Skin complexion and elasticity are improved due to an increase of blood flow and circulation. Facial muscles are stimulated , making them more toned. It aids lymphatic drainage by flushing toxins and can also help reducing puffiness.
Use the face massager onto your face and neck after applying  a pea size amount of our Soap Cafe Serum or Moisturizer onto your skin.

This massager vibrates and is operated by 1 AA battery. You can also use it without activating the vibration. Vibration is activated by twisting the bottom part of the massager. The head of the massager is made of Rose Quartz Stone.
Please note a battery is NOT included.

After 6 weeks of daily 5 minutes precious stone roller using Soap Cafe products skin routine will visibly improve your skin complexion and suppleness.

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