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Aromatherapy Starter kit


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The STARTER KIT – Comprises of 12 therapeutic 5ml essential oils.


The starter kit will introduce you to the natural healing world of aromatherapy .This set contains 12 essential oils (5ml each) and 2 droppers.  Our Essential oil gift set combines a variety of floral, minty, woody, spicy and herbal scents.

Essential oils can also be used in burners and diffusers together with water . They can be used in bath, skincare or aromatherapy.  Suitable for soap or candle making.
When used on the skin, mix essential oils with a base oil such as jojoba, almond or other carrier oils as needed. It is recommended to add a maximum of 30 drops of essential oils with every 50ml of carrier oil. NEVER use essential oils UNDILUTED or on open wounds. Avoid using essential oils on kids under 3 years of age or the elderly. 

-12x 5ml Bottles + 2 droppers
-100% Pure
-Vegan Friendly
-Cruelty Free

What is in the box?
– 5ml Ylang III Essential Oil  (origin: Comoros)
– 5ml Lemon Essential Oil  (origin: Italy)
– 5ml Tea Tree Essential Oil  (origin: Australia)
– 5ml Lemongrass Essential Oil  (origin: India)
– 5ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil  (origin: China)
– 5ml Lavender Essential Oil  (origin: France)
– 5ml Rosemary Essential Oil  (origin: Spain)
– 5ml Bergamot Essential Oil  (origin: Italy)
– 5ml Citronella Essential Oil   (origin: Vietnam)
– 5ml Orange Essential Oil   (origin: Brazil)
– 5ml Patchouli Essential Oil   (origin: Indonesia)
– 5ml Sandalwood Amayris  (origin: Haiti)
– 2x droppers

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