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Wax Sachet


Made with 100% local beeswax and aromatic oils


Refresh your home  and/or linens with our handcrafted wax sachets, blended with fragrantly scented wild flowers paired with the natural sweetness of Maltese beeswax.
Hang in an entryway, tuck in a drawer or loop around a hanger in your closet.

BONUS TIP: The scent will last for several months. However, once the scent has diminished, it can also be used as a wax melt by  breaking in half the sachet in a tealight operated ceramic diffuser. Add your favorite fragrance or essential oil once melted.
For ceramic diffusers click here

Price is per sachet. Each sachet comes individually wrapped with his own descriptive tag.  Please note that being a natural handmade item, colour and design will slightly vary from one sachet to another.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is made out of 100% natural wax. Please keep away from heat sources (unless you want to melt it!)

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