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Create Your Own Sensory Experience: Soap and Bath Bomb-Making Workshops

bath bomb workshops

Ever wondered what it would be like to feel the satisfaction of taking a bath and using a luscious soap you created yourself? Whether you’re looking to take up a new craft or want an alternative to commercial bars, we at Soap Café are really excited to be sharing our new range of soap-making and bath bomb workshops!

New Soap, New Me (It’s a slippery soap…)

Apart from the obvious fun factor, why should you attend one of our soap workshops? Well, while the mass-produced bars sold at supermarkets and drugstores are generic and characterless, in contrast, every bar of homemade soap has its own individual uniqueness. They smell good, they feel great. Plus, knowing exactly what went into that handmade bar of goodness, natural soaps are comforting in ways manufactured soap can never be.

Bath Bombs 

What’s there not to like about these fizzy treats? That feeling of spa luxury they create? The fact that they leave you smelling delicious? From energy-boosting to stress-relief, the colourful bombs are great because with the range of essential oils out there, there’s one for every occasion.

Join us at one of our bath bomb workshops and enjoy making your very own product using natural ingredients and essential oils! In this hands-on session, you can custom-make your own fizzy treats and add luxury ingredients like petals and seeds. We will also show you how to blend nourishing essential oils for use in the bath, so not only do you fragrance your creations to your taste with the concentration you opt for, but you can also make sure it suits your skin type.

If you’ve never tried a bar of real natural handmade soap or bath bombs, you’re in for a treat (and a great time)!

Soap Café is much more than a shop…

It’s an experience! Other than our delicious-smelling shop, where you will find handmade soaps which retain the goodness of our luscious, high quality ingredients, you could also choose to organise a private event with us – be it for team-building, birthdays, hen’s nights, or anything in-between. Our workshops are intended to be fun, informal sessions with a fully hands-on approach. But if it’s just relaxation you want, check out our range of massages and customised facials here!

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