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Natural Goodness to Incorporate into your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

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With the pesky process of aging, pollutants, free radicals and UV rays, our skin really needs a helping hand to fight off dullness, fine lines and uneven tone. As skin care specialists, we’ve compiled some natural anti-aging superstars!

Hyaluronic Acid

Although it may sound like something you wouldn’t want to apply anywhere, much less your face, hyaluronic acid is actually a natural occurring molecule in the human body that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. However, its levels begin to dip with age, making it harder for our skin to retain moisture, and as a result, enter fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches.

Aloe Vera

Native to Africa, this botanical hero (not all heroes wear capes) contains almost all the main vitamins and penetrates the skin’s epidermis much faster than water. When you nourish your skin with this high infusion of essential nutrients, it preserves its supply of elastin and stimulates the production of collagen, increasing elasticity and thus improving facial wrinkles.


More than a tasty fruit, the pomegranate has a powerful set of anti-aging properties in the fruit’s flesh. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C and fatty acids that help skin hold onto collagen. Which reminds us…

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in supporting collagen production; indeed, without it, the process of collagen restoration would be impossible. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that fights off free radicals and damage caused by the toxins, and can brighten the skin, improve hydration, and increase firmness, making it a great anti-aging ingredient.


Retinol is a compound that chemically exfoliates your skin by speeding up cell turnover, giving it a practically mythical status in the anti-aging industry. If your complexion is dull due to dead skin cells and a build-up in pores, retinol helps achieve a fresh-faced look.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for skin soothing, as well as sealing in the skin’s natural moisture levels and suppleness. When applied as part of a natural, frequent skin care routine, it’s effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

100% Natural Skin Care Facials at Soap Café!

With the right skin care, you can slow down the aging process and look fresh and rejuvenated. Other than our delicious handmade products, we also offer a variety of 100% natural facials such as the Time Restore Facial, which focuses on lifting and lightening pigmented areas.

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