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Lavender Wheat bag


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Lavender wheatbag which can be used for hot or cold therapy


Lavender Wheatbag has been used as an alternative therapy for many years. It has a unique cellular structure which can absorb heat or cold quickly and then release it evenly. This makes a wheat bag a wonderful and safe alternative for a hot water bottle.
Wheat bags have been used in alternative therapy for many years. Wheat has a unique cellular structure which can absorb heat or cold quickly and then release it evenly. Can help conditions such as arthritis, menstrual pains, aching joints, etc. And as for Lavender well it’s renowned for helping to relieve tension and pain so you can imagine how relaxing these are combined. An excellent and safe alternative to hot water bottles.

Please note that print of the wheat bag may differ.

Bonus Tip: Add additional drops of  essential oils to the bag after warming it up, to enhance its therapeutic effect.  See our Essentials Oils.

HOW TO USE Wheatbags: Microwave (Based on 800W): Place heat bag in microwave oven and heat on full power for 1 minute. Repeat for another minute if you need a hotter bag. Once heated take care when handling. Shake the bag well after heating and before use to evenly distribute heated wheat.

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